Gz-14 6-20 High Pressure Diaphragm Hydrogen Compressor with Electric Motor

Gz-14 6-20 High Pressure Diaphragm Hydrogen Compressor with Electric Motor

Diaphragm compressor in accordance to the wants of the consumer, select the correct sort of compressor to meet the wants of the consumer. The diaphragm of the metallic diaphragm compressor completely separates the gas from the hydraulic oil technique to ensure the purity of the gasoline and no pollution to the gas. At the identical time, innovative production technological innovation and precise membrane cavity design and style engineering are adopted to make sure the services daily life of the diaphragm compressor diaphragm. No pollution: the metallic diaphragm group completely separates the method gasoline from the hydraulic oil and lubricating oil elements to make certain the gas purity.

The diaphragm compressor composition is mostly composed of motor, base, crankcase, crankshaft linkage system, cylinder factors, crankshaft connecting rod, piston, oil and gasoline pipeline, electric handle system and some components.


Product GZ-15/thirty-200 Remarks
Quantity Stream Nm3/h 15 No-CZPT
Working strain Suction stress: 3.0MPa No-CZPT
  Exhaust stress: 20MPa No-CZPT
Cooling Strategy    Water-Cooled  No-CZPT
Ingestion temperature °C ~thirty  
Inlet force MPa .3~.four  
Discharge temperature °C ≤45ºC  
Sounds dB(A) ≤80  
Electrical power/Frequence V/Hz 380/50 No-CZPT
Motor Power KW two.2~forty five  
Crankshaft speed r/min 420  
Overall dimension L/mm 1400  
  W/mm 1000  
  H/mm 1200  

Diaphragm compressor rewards:
No leakage: the compressor membrane head is sealed by static “O” ring. The O “ring is manufactured of elastic material, with lengthy support existence and no dynamic seal to make sure no leakage in the course of fuel compression.
Corrosion resistance: the compressor membrane head can be manufactured of 316L stainless metal, the diaphragm is manufactured of 301 stainless metal.
Tiny tightening torque: “O” ring seal, can reduce flange bolt tightening torque, reduce shutdown routine maintenance time.

Parameter Table O GZ  Series Diaphragm Compressor
  Product Cooling water 
Volume Circulation
Suction stress
Exhaust force
Excess weight
Motor Power 
1 GZ-2/three one. two. . .three 1200x700x1100 .5 two.two
two GZ-five/.5-ten .2 five. .05 1. 1400x740x1240 .65 2.two
3 GZ-five/13-200 .four five. one.three twenty 1500x760x1200 .seventy five four.
4 GZ-15/three-19 .five fifteen .three one.nine 1400x740x1330 .seventy five four.
5 GZ-30/5-ten .five thirty .5 1. 1400x740x1330 .seven 3.
six GZ-fifty/9.5-25 .six 50 .ninety five 2.5 1500x760x1200 .75 five.five
7 GZ-20/five-twenty five .six 20 .5 2.5 1400x760x1600 .65 four.
eight GZ-20/5-thirty 1. 20 .five three. 1400 x 760×1600 .65 5.5
nine GZ-12/.five-8 .four twelve .05 .eight 1500X760X1200 .75 4.
ten GZ-five/.5-eight .two five. .05 .eight 1400x740x1240 .65 two.2
eleven GZ-14/39-forty five .five 14 3.9 four.five 1000X460X1100 .seven two.two
twelve GZ-60/thirty-40 two.1 60 3. four. 1400x800x1300 .75 three.
13 GZ-80/59-65 .5 eighty five.nine six.five 1200X780X1200 .75 seven.5
14 GZ-30/7-30 one. thirty .seven 3. 1400 x 760x 1600 .sixty five five.5
15 GZ-10/.5-10 .two 10 .05 one. 1400 x800x 1150 .5 4.
sixteen GZ-5/eight .2 five. . .eight 1400x800x1150 .five 3.
17 GZ-fifteen/ten-100 .six 15 one. ten 1400x850x1320 one. 5.five
eighteen GZ-20/8-40 1. twenty .8 4. 1400x850x1320 one. four.
19 GZ-twenty/32-160 one. 20 3.two sixteen 1400x850x 1320 one. five.5
20 GZ-thirty/seven.5-25 1. 30 .seventy five two.5 1400 x 850×1320 1. seven.five
21 GZ-5/.one-seven 1. five. .01 .7 1200x750x1000 .six 2.2
22 GZ-8/5 1. eight. . .5 1750x850x1250 one. 3.
23 GZ-11/.36-6 .4 11 .036 .6 1500 x 760x 1200 .seventy five three.
24 GZ-3/.two 1. 3. . .02 1400 x 800×1300 one. 2.2
twenty five GZ-80/20-35 1.5 80 two. three.5 1500x800x1300 .nine 5.five
26 GZ-fifteen/thirty-two hundred 1. 15 3. 20 1400x one thousand x 1200 .8 4.
27 GZ-12/four-35 one. 12 .four 3.5 1500x1000x1500 .8 five.five
28 GZ-10/.5-7 .4 ten .05 .seven 1500x760x1200 .75 three.
29 GZ-7/.one-six one. 7. .01 .6 1200x900x1200 .8 three.

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one.Stream: _____ Nm3 / h

2.Inlet force: _____Kg

3.Outlet strain: _____Kg

4. Gas medium: _____

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Gz-14 6-20 High Pressure Diaphragm Hydrogen Compressor with Electric Motor


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