Halogen Free Sing Wall Heat Shrink Tubing Without Glue

Halogen Free Sing Wall Heat Shrink Tubing Without Glue

Halogen Free of charge Flame-retardant Warmth Shrinkable Tube

Model Quantity: SB-RSFR-H
Working temperature: -55ºC ~ 125ºC

Halogen cost-free flame-retardant warmth shrinkable tube is manufactured of eco-friendly cross-linking polyolefin materials underneath irradiation. It has surroundings-pleasant, adaptable, flame retardant, rapid shrink and stable performances. Also, it has electrical insulation, welding stage anticorrosion and antirust and mechanical performances. It has passed UL, RoHS, Attain certifications for 300V and 600V.

It is primarily utilised in electronics, telecommunication, automobiles, shipping and delivery and other manufacturing industries.


  1. Halogen cost-free, non-smoke, non-toxic, flame-retardant, soft, swift shrink, secure functionality
  2. Shrink ratio: 2:one
  3. Shrink temperature: 84ºC ~ 120ºC

Table 1: Specification

Property Unit Test Method CZPT
Tensile Energy MPA ≥10.four(before getting older) ASTM D 2671
≥7.three(right after aging) 158ºC*168h
Breakage Elongation (%) % ≥200(prior to aging) ASTM D 2671
≥100(soon after getting older) 158ºC*168h
Warmth Shock no sticking & no cracking UL 224, 250ºC*4h
Cold Mix no cracking -30ºC*4h
Breakdown Energy KV/mm ≥15 ASTM D 149
Dielectric Face up to 600V UL 224 no breakdown for 2500V, 60s
300V UL 224 no breakdown for 1500V,60s
Quantity Resistivity Ω. cm ≥1×10fourteen IEC 60093
Corrosion Functionality UL 224 158ºC*168h
Copper Security UL 224 158ºC*168h
Flammability UL 224 VW-1

Table2: Dimension
1) Halogen Free Flame-retardant Heat Shrinkable Tube(600V)

As Equipped
Soon after CZPTvery(mm) CZPT Deal Application Variety(mm)
Interior Diameter Inner Diameter Wall Thickness (m/spool)
Φ0.six .9±0.2 ≤0.forty .33±0.10 two hundred .four~.7
Φ0.8 one.1±0.2 ≤0.50 .33±0.10 two hundred .6~.8
Φ1. 1.5±0.two ≤0.65 .36±0.10 two hundred .75~.nine
Φ1.five 2.0±0.2 ≤0.eighty five .36±0.10 two hundred .95~1.4
Φ2. 2.5±0.two ≤1.00 .45±0.10 two hundred 1.1~one.8
Φ2.5 3.0±0.2 ≤1.thirty .45±0.10 200 1.35~two.three
Φ3. three.5±0.2 ≤1.fifty .45±0.ten two hundred one.six~2.seven
Φ3.5 4.0±0.two ≤1.eighty .45±0.ten 200 one.85~3.2
Φ4. 4.5±0.two ≤2.00 .45±0.10 two hundred two.1~three.6
Φ4.5 5.0±0.two ≤2.thirty .56±0.10 a hundred 2.35~4.
Φ5. 5.5±0.2 ≤2.fifty .56±0.10 one hundred two.6~4.five
Φ5.5 6.0±0.two ≤2.75 .56±0.10 one hundred two.85~5.
Φ6. six.5±0.2 ≤3.00 .56±0.ten one hundred three.1~five.4
Φ7. 7.5±0.3 ≤3.50 .56±0.10 100 3.seven~six.3
Φ8. eight.5±0.3 ≤4.00 .56±0.ten 100 4.two~7.two
Φ9. nine.5±0.three ≤4.fifty .56±0.ten 100 4.7~eight.
Φ10 ten.5±0.3 ≤5.00 .56±0.10 a hundred 5.2~nine.
Φ11 eleven.5±0.three ≤5.50 .56±0.ten one hundred five.7~10
Φ12 twelve.5±0.3 ≤6.00 .56±0.10 one hundred six.2~eleven
Φ13 13.5±0.three ≤6.50 .56±0.10 one hundred 6.7~12
Φ14 fourteen.5±0.3 ≤7.00 .70±0.10 a hundred 7.3~13
Φ15 fifteen.5±0.4 ≤7.fifty .70±0.ten one hundred 7.eight~14
Φ16 sixteen.5±0.4 ≤8.00 .70±0.10 one hundred 8.three~fifteen
Φ17 17.5±0.4 ≤8.fifty .70±0.10 100 eight.eight~16
Φ18 19.0±0.five ≤9.00 .70±0.ten one hundred 9.three~seventeen
Φ20 22.0±0.five ≤10.00 .83±0.fifteen 100 ten.four~19
Φ22 24.0±0.five ≤11.00 .83±0.fifteen a hundred 11.4~21
Φ25 26.0±0.5 ≤12.fifty .90±0.fifteen fifty twelve.8~24
Φ28 29.0±0.five ≤14.00 .90±0.fifteen fifty fourteen.4~29
Φ30 31.5±1. ≤15.00 one.00±0.fifteen fifty sixteen~29
Φ35 36.5±1. ≤17.fifty 1.00±0.15 50 18~34
Φ40 41.5±1. ≤20.00 1.00±0.fifteen fifty 21~39
Φ45 forty six.5±1. ≤22.5 one.00±0.fifteen twenty five 23.5~44
Φ50 ≥50 ≤25. one.10±0.fifteen 25 26~49
Φ60 ≥60 ≤30. 1.20±0.fifteen 25 35~55
Φ70 ≥70 ≤35. one.30±0.20 25 40~sixty five
Φ80 ≥80 ≤40. 1.30±0.twenty 25 45~75
Φ90 ≥90 ≤45. one.30±0.20 25 fifty~85
Φ100 ≥100 ≤50. one.30±0.20 twenty five 55~ninety five
Φ120 ≥120 ≤60. one.30±0.20 25 sixty five~one hundred fifteen
Φ150 ≥150 ≤75. one.30±0.twenty 25 80~145
Φ180 ≥180 ≤90. 1.30±0.thirty twenty five 95~175
Φ210 ≥210 ≤105. 1.30±0.thirty 25 110~205
Φ230 ≥230 ≤115. one.30±0.thirty 25 one hundred twenty~225
Φ250 ≥250 ≤125. 1.30±0.30 25 130~240

2) Halogen Free Flame-retardant Extremely Thin Heat Shrinkable Tube(300V)

As Supplied(mm) After CZPTvery(mm) Package Software Range (mm)
Internal Diameter Inner Diameter Wall Thickness (m/spool)
Φ0.6CB .9±0.2 ≤0.40 .20±0.10 200 .4~.seven
Φ0.8CB one.0±0.2 ≤0.fifty .20±0.10 two hundred .six~.8
Φ1.0CB 1.40±0.twenty ≤0.65 .20±0.10 two hundred .7~1.
Φ1.5CB one.90±0.twenty ≤0.85 .20±0.10 200 .9~one.four
Φ2.0CB two.40±0.twenty ≤1.00 .22±0.ten two hundred one.one~1.eight
Φ2.5CB 2.90±0.20 ≤1.30 .25±0.ten 200 1.4~two.three
Φ3.0CB 3.40±0.twenty ≤1.fifty .28±0.10 two hundred 1.six~two.7
Φ3.5CB three.90±0.twenty ≤1.80 .28±0.10 200 1.9~two.three
Φ4.0CB four.40±0.twenty ≤2.00 .30±0.ten two hundred two.one~3.6
Φ4.5CB 4.90±0.twenty ≤2.30 .30±0.10 100 2.four~4.
Φ5.0CB five.50±0.twenty ≤2.50 .32±0.10 one hundred 2.six~four.5
Φ6.0CB six.50±0.twenty ≤3.00 .32±0.10 one hundred 3.one~five.4
Φ7.0CB seven.50±0.thirty ≤3.50 .32±0.10 one hundred 3.7~6.3
Φ8.0CB eight.50±0.thirty ≤4.00 .32±0.10 a hundred four.two~7.two
Φ9.0CB 9.50±0.thirty ≤4.fifty .35±0.10 a hundred 4.7~eight.
Φ10CB 10.50±0.30 ≤5.00 .35±0.ten a hundred five.two~9.
Φ11CB 11.50±0.30 ≤5.fifty .40±0.ten a hundred five.seven~ten.
Φ12CB 12.50±0.thirty ≤6.00 .40±0.10 one hundred six.2~11.
Φ13CB 13.50±0.thirty ≤6.fifty .40±0.10 one hundred six.7~12.
Φ14CB 14.50±0.30 ≤7.00 .40±0.ten a hundred 7.three~13.
Φ15CB 15.50±0.40 ≤7.fifty .40±0.10 a hundred 7.8~fourteen.
Φ16CB sixteen.50±0.40 ≤8.00 .40±0.10 one hundred 8.three~fifteen.
Φ17CB seventeen.50±0.40 ≤8.fifty .40±0.ten one hundred eight.eight~sixteen.
Φ18CB 18.50±0.40 ≤9.00 .42±0.ten one hundred nine.3~seventeen.
Φ20CB 20.50±0.50 ≤10. .45±0.10 one hundred 10.5~19.
Φ22CB 22.50±0.fifty ≤11. .45±0.10 a hundred 11.4~21
Φ25CB 25.50±0.50 ≤12.5 .45±0.ten fifty 12.8~24
Φ28CB 28.50±0.50 ≤14. .45±0.10 50 fourteen.four~29

Colour: CZPT shade is black (other color CZPT upon ask for).


Organization Introduction

   HangCZPT Sunbow Insulation Materials MFG.Co.,Ltd ,set up in 2003,largely engaged in the study&development,manufacture and product sales of a variety of insulation sleeving.
Our business has passed CZPT:2008 quality administration method certification in Sep,2009,also we have passed TS16949 automotive system certification in Apr,2016.
Our principal goods include fiberglass sleeving,silicone rubber tube,PVC tube,warmth shrink tube,PTFE/FEP tube and so on.
 All our fiberglass sleeving had been received the UL and CSA certification in 2571(Cert No:E333178–UZIQ2,VW-onefor flame resistance necessity&E333177–UZFT2/8,300V,600V for thermal resistance requirement)Our heat shrink tube,silicone rubber tube,PTFE tube and PVC delicate tube experienced been obtained UL certification in 2013(Cert.No.360625)PET Expandable sleeving experienced been acquired the UL certification in 2017(Cert. No.UZIQ2:E333178).Also all our merchandise are in conformance with the CZPTpean RoHS&REACH requirements.

one).Free of charge samples for evaluation
2).Fast creation&quickly shipping and delivery
three).two many years top quality ensure
4).Prompt response&technological support
5).24 hours on the internet provider


Halogen Free Sing Wall Heat Shrink Tubing Without Glue


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