Portable EMS Muscle Electromagnetic Hiemt Body Sculpting Buttocks Lifting Equipment

Portable EMS Muscle Electromagnetic Hiemt Body Sculpting Buttocks Lifting Equipment

Solution Description

What is Hi-EMT ?
Hi-EMT unit created for aesthetic purpose, obtaining 2(two) applicators with larger depth. It really is cutting-edge technology in non-invasive physique contouring, as it not only BURNS Excess fat, but also BUILDS Muscle.
Additionally, the treatment method call for no anesthesia, incisions, or pain. In reality, individuals are able to sit again and unwind, whilst the system performs the equal of a lot more than twenty,000 pain-free crunches or squats.

How Long It Lasts:
The fat loss may be permanent, the muscle mass outcomes are long lasting (likely 6 months or more time). Right after an original series of 4 therapies, periodic maintenance (every single 3-six months) is advisable. Affordable nutritional and exercising practices are also advised.

Functioning Principle
Hi-EMT(Substantial-Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Coach) is the health-related technologies that is used in aesthetic drugs. It makes use of concentrated electro- magnetic discipline with risk-free depth stage. Electro- magnetic discipline passes non-invasively through the body and interacts with motor neurons which subsequently bring about supramaximal muscle mass contractions. Non-invasive health care technological innovation that is used for strengthening and re-schooling of muscle tissue through interaction of the magnetic area with the tissue of the affected person.
Opposite to voluntary muscle contractions, the supramaximal contractions are impartial of mind purpose. The Hi-EMT employs a distinct variety of frequencies that does not allow muscle mass peace in between two consecutive stimulations.


7 Tesla Substantial Depth
Hiemt machine based on 7 Tesla substantial depth magnetic energy, which could include massive skeletal muscles of the human entire body, and this high vitality degree permits muscle mass responds with a deep remodeling of its internal composition.

More powerful Stimulation
CZPT layer Coil generates deeper and stronger large intensity electromagnetic outcomes.

Liquid Cooling Technologies
Hiemt body sculpt equipped with liquid-cooled applicators that permits prolonged time procedure CZPT any overheat issue.

CZPT Sculpting
Two Magnetic Stimulation Applicators to take care of all of your issues independently or concurrently.

High Performance
EMS physique Sculpt allows you to do 36,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes for firming, constructing muscle mass and while at the same time dissolving fat

Our Advantages

-Builds muscle & Burns fat Together!

-Non-invasive buttock lifting treatment

-Suited for absolutely everyone – No anaesthesia – No surgical procedure

-Only a 30 moment stroll in stroll out method

-Only 4 session required 2-three days apart

-Feels like an intense workout

-Risk-free with No downtime

-Instant final results but receives far better soon after two to four months

-sixteen% regular boost in muscle mass,

-19% on common body fat reduction

Item Parameters

Output depth -7 Tesla
Pulse length 300μs
Technological innovation substantial-intensity pulsed electromagnetic technological innovation
Cooling program indeed
Power use 2.3KVA
Voltage 110V/220V  50/60Hz
Guarantee Two yr




In depth Pictures




Business Profile

Set up in 2012, HangCZPT Solana Splendor Technologies Co., Ltd is a top producer and supplier of sophisticated pores and skin treatment and aesthetic devices in China, all our products have CE, ISO and SGS certificate. Our items including:

  1. HIEMT EMS body sculpting device
  2. Cryolipolysis body fat freezing equipment
  3. HIFU anti-wrinkle device
  4. Radio frequency lipocavitation device
  5. Hydro facial skin treatment device
  6. IPL, Elight, SHR hair removal machine
  7. 808nm diode laser equipment
  8. Nd yag laser tattoo removing equipment
  9. No needle mesotherapy machine
  10. LED pores and skin rejuvenation machine
  11. Micro needle derma pen/derma roller

We adopt the theory of quality and meticulousness, consequently we take a look at each and every equipment prior to sending and make sure there is no dilemma.


Q: What is EMSlim ?

A: EMSlim is the only Fda-cleared device to support build and sculpt muscle tissues non-invasively, in just a few thirty moment periods, for fast and prolonged-phrase physique sculpting. EMSlim also eradicates the fat cells producing the only 2-in-1 therapy for fat and muscle sculpting, with results being unparalleled in the sector.

Q: How does EMSlim work?

A: The non-invasive HIEMT (Large-Intensity Concentrated Electromagnetic) engineering induces twenty,000 deep and effective muscle contractions not achievable through voluntary contractions.

When uncovered to powerful contractions, the muscle mass tissue is pressured to adapt to this kind of an excessive problem. It responds with a deep remodeling of its interior framework that benefits in muscle constructing and sculpting your entire body.

Q: Is there any downtime with EMSlim ?

A: The EMSlim is non-invasive and requires no restoration time or any pre/put up therapy preparing. You will be in a position to go back again to your regular pursuits as the lactic acid that builds up from muscle mass contractions, is flushed out for the duration of phase three of the remedy cycles.

Q: What regions does EMSlim deal with?

A: At present EMSlim treats the abdomen for muscle firming and body fat reduction, as effectively as treats the buttocks for lifting and volumization.

Q: What final results can I expect with EMSlim ?

A: You can assume a 19-23% long lasting decrease of excess fat in the stomach, as well as a sixteen% enhance in the muscle fibers. For the butt raise, you can count on a 4-4.5cm lift even though also increasing the look of quantity in the midsection of the buttocks.

Q: How quick will I see results?

A: You get started to feel tangible result right soon after the remedy, and cumulatively with every single consecutive session. Good final results are generally noted two to 4 weeks right after the last session and continue to improve for a number of weeks adhering to the treatment options, with optimum final results peaking at three months.

Q: How prolonged do the results previous with EMSlim ?

A: Reports show, after the original sequence of four periods, outcomes in the muscle mass can final a calendar year or a lot more, and the results with body fat reduction are long term.

Q: What does the EMSlim method feel like?

A: The EMSlim treatment feels like an intense work out. You can lay down and unwind in the course of the remedy. It doesn`t hurt but individuals explain it as a pulsing feeling. We can always alter the intensity up or down for your comfort but it need to constantly truly feel totally tolerable.

Q: How extended is the EMSlim treatment?

A: The EMSlim treatment is only a thirty minute therapy. It is recommended to be carried out in a series four therapies least, scheduled two instances a 7 days for two weeks.

Q: Are servicing treatments necessary with EMSlim ?

A: Right after your collection, you don`t require routine maintenance sessions per say. We contact them “improvement” sessions, as they consider you further than just keeping. Some people select to do quarterly, or 2 times a yr to increase their currently wonderful benefits.

Q: Am I a applicant for EMSlim ?

A: Any individual can reward from the EMSlim method if they want to accomplish muscle mass tone and fat decline, that they have been not in a position to attain with diet plan, exercise, resistance coaching, or other non-invasive human body sculpting procedures.

WHY Decide on US

-Very same item, much more competitive value
-Rapidly air shipping
 -Well timed and reliable after-income services
-Two year guarantee and lifetime technological assistance
-We offer movie training for all our device

*Very good feed back again from our customer, remember to do not be reluctant to leave us a information beneath if you need to have any additional particulars. Thank you!

Portable EMS Muscle Electromagnetic Hiemt Body Sculpting Buttocks Lifting Equipment


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