Rotor-Motor, Electric Motors, Brushless Motor

Rotor-Motor, Electric Motors, Brushless Motor

QHXN CZPT motor stator and rotor for electrical motors 

Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Stainless Metal, Aluminum Alloy, PD, APET, PVC, CZPT, SPCC, Hot/Cold Rolled Steel Plate/Metal Belt and many others
Polishing/ (Zinc, nickel, chrome, tin, brass, glod, silver, titanium) Plating / Black Oxide / Hot-dip galvanizing and so on
New power automobile motor electrical motor motor vehicle motor generator crane air conditioning compressor sewing machine energy equipment.
In accordance to customer’s design and style,drawing or sample.

The motor stator is the stationary part of the motor. The stator is composed of three components: a stator main, a stator winding and a foundation.
The primary perform of the stator is to create a rotating magnetic area, even though the principal operate of the rotor is to be lower by the traces of magnetic force in the rotating magnetic discipline to make (output) current.

According to the sort of generation process, it can be divided into: winding stator, a few-piece stator, and whole piece stator
In accordance to the doing work type of the motor: synchronous motor stator, asynchronous motor stator
According to the motor type: generator stator, starter stator

It is distinguished by the shape of the stator winding and the embedded wiring technique
The stator winding can be divided into two kinds, centralized and distributed, in accordance to the form of the coil winding and the embedded wiring technique.
1. Centralized winding
Concentrated windings usually consist of only one or numerous rectangular frame coils. Right after winding, it is wrapped with gauze and shaped, and then embedded in the iron main of the salient magnetic pole following dipping and drying. The excitation coils of DC motors, general-purpose motors, and the major pole windings of single-section shaded pole motors all use this sort of winding.
2. Dispersed winding
The stator of a motor making use of distributed windings has no convex pole palms, and every magnetic pole is composed of one or a number of coils embedded and wired according to a specific rule to sort a coil group. In accordance to the distinct types of embedded wiring arrangement, dispersed windings can be divided into concentric and stacked sorts.
(1) Concentric windings Concentric windings are a number of rectangular coils of diverse sizes in the exact same coil group, which are embedded and arranged 1 by one according to the same centre place into a again condition. Concentric windings are divided into solitary layer and multilayer. CZPTly, the stator windings of solitary-stage motors and some low-electricity three-phase asynchronous motors adopt this kind.
(two) Stacked windings Stacked windings are all coils of exactly the very same condition and measurement (except for solitary and double turns), each slot is embedded with one coil aspect, and the outer end of the slot is stacked a single by one and evenly distributed. Stacked windings are divided into single-layer stacking and double-layer stacking. Only one particular coil side is embedded in every slot is a one-layer stacked winding, or referred to as a single-stack winding every single slot with two coil edges that belong to different coil groups (higher and reduce) is a double-layer stacked winding, or named a double Stack winding. Stacked windings are divided into single- and double-switch cross wiring preparations and one- and double-layer combined wiring arrangements thanks to the distinct modifications in the embedded wiring method in addition, the embedded condition from the winding stop is named chain winding and basket winding. In truth, they are all stacked windings. CZPTly, the stator windings of 3-stage asynchronous motors use stacked windings.


Rotor-Motor, Electric Motors, Brushless Motor


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