Squirrel-Cage AC Electric Induction Motor

Squirrel-Cage AC Electric Induction Motor

Product Decription
HMA-IE1&lpar1HMA&rpar Aluminium Collection A few Period Asynchronous Motor is the simple series of general-function motor with lower voltage upgraded of Y sequence motor&periodThe HMA Collection Motors are increased functionality motors built in gentle weight&comma all aluminum frames&period of time HMA-IE1 Sequence Motors with lovely appearance and dependable procedure fulfill to the wants of standard-function at domestic and overseas inside of the assortment of frame dimension 56 to a hundred and sixty&period


Body Measurement Variety a hundred

Housing Materials Aliminium
Output Assortment 1&period1KW
Pole eight
Terminal Box Best Mounted
Security Course IP44&commaIP54&commaIP55
Insulation Course B&commaF&commaH
Set up Method B5&commaB5&commaB14&commaB35multi and Pad Mounting
Cooling Technique IC411
Performance CZPT IEC60034-two-one
Duty S1


Model Variety Output&lowbarkW η&lpar&percnt&rpar Cosφ r&solin Present&lowbar380V Recent&lowbar400V Recent&lowbar415V Ts&solTn Tax&solTn Is&solIn Bodyweight&lparAL&rpar dB&lparA&rpar
1HMA-IE1 56M1-2 &period09 62 &period7 2750 &period3 &period3 &period3 two&period1 2&period2 5&period2 three&period6 fifty eight
1HMA-IE1 56M2-two &period12 67 &period72 2750 &period4 &period4 &period3 two&period1 2&period2 5&period2 three&period9 fifty eight
1HMA-IE1 63M1-2 &period18 65 &period8 2730 &period5 &period5 &period5 two&period2 2&period2 five&period5 four&period8 sixty one
1HMA-IE1 63M2-two &period25 68 &period81 2800 &period7 &period7 &period6 two&period2 2&period2 five&period5 five&period1 sixty one
1HMA-IE1 71M1-2 &period37 70 &period81 2756 one&period0 &period9 &period9 two&period2 two&period2 six&period1 six 64
1HMA-IE1 71M2-2 &period55 seventy two &period82 2792 1&period4 1&period3 1&period3 2&period2 two&period2 six&period1 6&period5 sixty four
1HMA-IE1 80M1-two &period75 seventy two&period1 &period83 2830 one&period9 1&period8 one&period7 2&period2 two&period3 six&period1 eight&period7 67
1HMA-IE1 80M2-two 1&period1 75 &period84 2830 two&period7 2&period5 two&period4 two&period2 2&period3 seven 9&period5 sixty seven
1HMA-IE1 90S-two 1&period5 seventy seven&period2 &period84 2840 3&period5 3&period3 three&period2 two&period2 2&period3 7 11&period8 seventy two
1HMA-IE1 90L-2 2&period2 seventy nine&period7 &period85 2840 4&period9 4&period7 four&period5 two&period2 two&period3 7 13&period5 seventy two
1HMA-IE1 100L-2 3 81&period5 &period87 2860 six&period4 six&period1 5&period9 2&period2 2&period3 7&period5 21 76
1HMA-IE1 112M-2 four 83&period1 &period88 2880 eight&period3 seven&period9 seven&period6 2&period2 two&period3 seven&period5 28 77
1HMA-IE1 132S1-2 five&period5 eighty four&period7 &period88 2900 11&period2 ten&period7 ten&period3 two&period2 two&period3 seven&period5 39 eighty
1HMA-IE1 132S2-two seven&period5 86 &period88 2900 fifteen&period1 14&period3 thirteen&period8 two&period2 two&period3 seven&period5 44&period5 eighty
1HMA-IE1 160M1-two 11 87&period6 &period89 2930 21&period4 20&period4 19&period6 2&period2 two&period3 seven&period5 69&period5 86
1HMA-IE1 160M2-2 fifteen 88&period7 &period89 2930 28&period9 27&period4 26&period4 two&period2 two&period3 7&period5 seventy eight 86
1HMA-IE1 160L-2 18&period5 89&period3 &period90 2930 35&period0 33&period2 32&period0 2&period2 2&period3 7&period5 88&period5 86
1HMA-IE1 56M1-4 &period06 fifty six&period0 &period58 1325 &period3 &period3 &period3 2 2&period1 3&period9 three&period6 48
1HMA-IE1 56M2-four &period09 fifty eight&period0 &period61 1325 &period4 &period4 &period4 2 two&period1 three&period9 three&period9 48
1HMA-IE1 63M1-4 &period12 57&period0 &period72 1320 &period4 &period4 &period4 2&period1 2&period2 four&period4 4&period8 52
1HMA-IE1 63M2-4 &period18 sixty&period0 &period73 1320 &period6 &period6 &period6 two&period1 two&period2 4&period4 five&period1 fifty two
1HMA-IE1 71M1-4 &period25 65&period0 &period74 1347 &period8 &period8 &period7 2&period1 2&period2 five&period2 six fifty five
1HMA-IE1 71M2-four &period37 67&period0 &period75 1340 one&period1 1&period1 1&period0 2&period1 two&period2 5&period2 6&period3 55
1HMA-IE1 80M1-four &period55 71&period0 &period75 1390 one&period6 1&period5 1&period4 two&period4 two&period3 five&period2 9&period4 58
1HMA-IE1 80M2-four &period75 72&period1 &period76 1390 2&period1 two&period0 1&period9 two&period3 2&period3 six 10 fifty eight
1HMA-IE1 90S-four 1&period1 seventy five &period77 1390 2&period9 2&period7 2&period6 2&period3 two&period3 6 twelve 61
1HMA-IE1 90L-four 1&period5 seventy seven&period2 &period79 1390 three&period7 three&period6 3&period4 two&period3 2&period3 6 14 sixty one
1HMA-IE1 100L1-four 2&period2 seventy nine&period7 &period81 1410 five&period2 four&period9 4&period7 two&period3 2&period3 7 21 sixty four
1HMA-IE1 100L2-four 3 eighty one&period5 &period82 1410 6&period8 six&period5 six&period2 two&period3 two&period3 7 23&period5 64
1HMA-IE1 112M-4 4 eighty three&period1 &period82 1435 8&period9 8&period5 8&period2 two&period3 two&period3 seven 29&period5 sixty five
1HMA-IE1 132S-four five&period5 84&period7 &period83 1440 eleven&period9 11&period3 ten&period9 2&period3 2&period3 7 forty one seventy one
1HMA-IE1 132M-four 7&period5 86 &period84 1440 fifteen&period8 fifteen&period0 14&period4 two&period3 2&period3 seven 47&period5 seventy one
1HMA-IE1 160M-4 eleven 87&period6 &period84 1460 22&period7 21&period6 twenty&period8 2&period2 2&period3 7 72&period5 seventy five
1HMA-IE1 160L-four 15 88&period7 &period85 1460 30&period2 28&period7 27&period7 2&period2 2&period3 seven&period5 eighty five&period5 seventy five
1HMA-IE1 71M1-six &period18 56&period0 &period66 865 &period7 &period7 &period7 one&period9 2 four six 52
1HMA-IE1 71M2-6 &period25 59&period0 &period68 863 &period9 &period9 &period9 one&period9 two 4 6&period3 fifty two
1HMA-IE1 80M1-6 &period37 sixty two&period0 &period70 890 one&period3 1&period2 one&period2 1&period9 two 4&period7 eight&period9 54
1HMA-IE1 80M2-six &period55 sixty five&period0 &period72 890 one&period8 one&period7 1&period6 one&period9 2 four&period7 ten&period4 54
1HMA-IE1 90S-six &period75 70 &period72 910 2&period3 two&period1 2&period1 2 2&period1 5&period5 12&period1 fifty seven
1HMA-IE1 90L-six 1&period1 72&period9 &period73 910 3&period1 three&period0 2&period9 two two&period1 five&period5 13&period7 fifty seven
1HMA-IE1 100L-6 one&period5 75&period2 &period75 920 four&period0 three&period8 3&period7 two two&period1 5&period5 23 61
1HMA-IE1 112M-6 two&period2 seventy seven&period7 &period76 935 5&period7 five&period4 five&period2 2 2&period1 6&period5 28&period2 sixty five
1HMA-IE1 132S-6 3 79&period7 &period76 960 seven&period5 seven&period1 6&period9 two&period1 2&period1 six&period5 40&period3 69
1HMA-IE1 132M1-6 4 81&period4 &period76 960 9&period8 9&period3 nine&period0 2&period1 2&period1 six&period5 forty three 69
1HMA-IE1 132M2-6 5&period5 83&period1 &period77 960 13&period1 12&period4 12&period0 2&period1 2&period1 six&period5 forty seven&period2 69
1HMA-IE1 160M-six seven&period5 84&period7 &period77 970 seventeen&period5 sixteen&period6 16&period0 two two&period1 6&period5 70&period6 73
1HMA-IE1 160L-6 eleven 86&period4 &period78 970 24&period8 23&period6 22&period7 two 2&period1 six&period5 85 seventy three
1HMA-IE1 80M1-eight &period18 51&period0 &period61 630 &period9 &period8 &period8 one&period8 1&period9 three&period3 nine fifty two
1HMA-IE1 80M2-8 &period25 fifty four&period0 &period61 640 one&period2 1&period1 1&period1 1&period8 1&period9 3&period3 10&period5 52
1HMA-IE1 90S-eight &period37 62&period0 &period61 660 one&period5 1&period4 one&period4 1&period8 one&period9 4 12 fifty six
1HMA-IE1 90L-eight &period55 sixty three&period0 &period61 660 two&period2 two&period1 2&period0 1&period8 2 four 13&period5 56
1HMA-IE1 100L1-8 &period75 seventy one&period0 &period67 690 two&period4 2&period3 2&period2 one&period8 2 4 23 59
1HMA-IE1 100L2-eight 1&period1 73&period0 &period69 690 3&period3 3&period2 3&period0 one&period8 two five twenty five 59
1HMA-IE1 112M-8 one&period5 seventy five&period0 &period69 680 four&period4 4&period2 four&period0 1&period8 2 five 28 sixty one
1HMA-IE1 132S-eight two&period2 78&period0 &period71 710 six&period0 five&period7 5&period5 1&period8 two six forty 64
1HMA-IE1 132M-8 3 seventy nine&period0 &period73 710 7&period9 seven&period5 7&period2 1&period8 2 six forty five 64
1HMA-IE1 160M1-8 four 81&period0 &period73 720 10&period3 nine&period8 9&period4 1&period9 two 6 68 68
1HMA-IE1 160M2-eight five&period5 eighty three&period0 &period74 720 thirteen&period6 twelve&period9 twelve&period5 two two six 76 sixty eight
1HMA-IE1 160L-8 seven&period5 eighty five&period5 &period75 720 seventeen&period8 sixteen&period9 sixteen&period3 two 2 six 86 68


The variety of body measurement from eighty to 132  &colonPackage by carton box and then packed by wooden box

For further informations&commapls check out our world wide web webpage CZPT hesitate&excl

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Squirrel-Cage AC Electric Induction Motor


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