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Waste motor oil recycling plant vacuum distillation equipment to new base oil

ZheJiang Barui company is a professional company on the process design, equipment manufactures and project debugging of waste oil recycling plant. The common waste oil is like used motor oil, used engine oil, used lubricant oil, used gear oil, used hydraulic oil, dirty transformer oil, and so on. My company manufactures and supply the whole sets of production equipment, including the chemical refining reactors, distillation towers, heating furnaces, heat exchangers, condensers, solvent extraction towers, PLC control cabinet and so on.
With the refining process treatment, waste engine oil or motor oil would become qualified base oil, for producing engine oil. Besides, it can also produce diesel fuel according to the actual requirement through adjusting the operation condition.

The details of our equipment and process are introduced as follows:

4.1 Civil Engineering Prepared by Buyers
      Ground hardening
      Equipment foundation
4.2 Auxiliary Engineering Prepared by Buyers
      Water supply
      Power supply
      Fuel supply
      Storage and Transportation Engineering
      Fire Extinguishing Engineering

ZheJiang Barui Environmental Protection Equipment Co.,LTD. simple as ZheJiang BARUI COMPANY, is an international company, which mainly do CHINAMFG wastes recycling project construction, biodiesel refinery construction, petroleum refinery construction, used oil recycling engineering construction, and so on. Our company can supply engineering design, equipment manufactures and sale, equipment installation and commissioning, technology transfer or training. The typical engineering or equipment is CHINAMFG wastes pyrolysis plant, biodiesel production plant, crude oil distillation equipment, oil tank construction, and so on. Among them, the CHINAMFG wastes pyrolysis plant can do with waste tires, plastics, aluminum plastic composite materials, oil sludge, oil sand, etc.

Following is our workshop display for equipment manufacture.

Certification: TüV, ISO9001, RoHS, CE
Application: Biodiesel Oil, Cooking Oil, Turbine Oil, Lubricant Oil, Transformer Oil, Engine Oil, Producing Diesel, Gasoline, Base Oil, Fuel Oil
Voltage: Customization


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Are there specific safety considerations associated with motor base installation?

Motor base installation involves specific safety considerations that should be taken into account. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Electrical Safety: When installing a motor base, it is crucial to ensure proper electrical safety measures. This includes disconnecting power sources, following lockout/tagout procedures, and wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as insulated gloves and safety glasses. It is important to work with qualified personnel who are knowledgeable about electrical safety practices.

2. Lifting and Rigging Safety: Motor bases can be heavy, especially when combined with the weight of the motor. During installation, it is essential to use proper lifting and rigging techniques to prevent accidents or injuries. This may involve using appropriate lifting equipment, such as cranes or hoists, and ensuring that the motor base is securely attached to the lifting apparatus.

3. Structural Integrity: Motor bases need to be properly installed on a stable and structurally sound foundation. Ensure that the mounting surface can support the weight of the motor and base without any risk of collapse or instability. If necessary, consult with a structural engineer to assess the adequacy of the installation site and make any required modifications.

4. Secure Fastening: Properly and securely fasten the motor base to the mounting surface using appropriate bolts, screws, or anchors. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for torque specifications to ensure secure fastening without overloading or damaging the base. Loose or inadequate fastening can lead to instability and potential accidents.

5. Ergonomics: Consider ergonomic factors during motor base installation to prevent strain or injury to personnel. Use proper lifting techniques, provide adequate lifting aids or equipment, and ensure that the work area is free from clutter or obstacles. This helps reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries during the installation process.

6. Environmental Hazards: Evaluate the installation site for any potential environmental hazards that could affect safety. This includes identifying and mitigating risks such as slippery surfaces, obstructions, or the presence of chemicals or hazardous materials. Take appropriate precautions to ensure a safe working environment for the installation personnel.

7. Manufacturer Guidelines: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for motor base installation. These guidelines often include specific safety considerations and precautions that are relevant to the particular motor base model. Adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations helps ensure safe and proper installation.

8. Inspections and Testing: After the motor base installation, conduct thorough inspections and testing to verify the integrity of the installation and ensure proper functionality. This includes checking for any loose connections, verifying proper alignment, and performing electrical tests as required. Regular inspections and testing also play a crucial role in ongoing maintenance and safety of the motor base.

It is important to note that the specific safety considerations may vary depending on factors such as the size and type of motor, the installation site, and applicable regulations. It is recommended to consult with experts in motor base installation and adhere to relevant safety standards and guidelines to ensure a safe and compliant installation process.

China Good quality Waste Motor Oil Recycling Plant Vacuum Distillation Equipment to New Base Oil   supplier China Good quality Waste Motor Oil Recycling Plant Vacuum Distillation Equipment to New Base Oil   supplier
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